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is a one-day series of event that aims to provide insight and knowledge about the latest trends in the economy, business, and technology. In 2020, FINference will also develop some collaborative activities to increase the awareness and social participation.

Main Rooms
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FINference Star Room

star room

Star room is the main stage with a young and professional concept which will be presented in the form of panel discussion. This room intends to provide tips and tricks on how to deal with the main topic. Therefore, proficient and competent speakers will be invited to deliver the inside about the trends.

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Outlook Room

As industry continues to evolve, Outlook Room aims to provide information on the current trends by conceptual thinking. By understanding the major propensity, people will be able to analyze and adapt to these trends.

FINference Outlook Room
FINference Star Room

Vision Room

Vision Room will take you beyond the present to see the foresight about the future regarding the fast growth in business and changing economic ecosystem. It aims to give you insight on how to be fully ready to be part of the "game changer" in the future based on practitioners' and regulators' experience in the related field.

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Fun Interactive Land or FINland, is a special area with carnival concept for visitors who are curious about the world of technology. With the theme “CarniFun: Get Beyond the Excitement”, FINland will be provided with a fun workshop and several entertaining games that visitors can enjoy as a break from the provided seminars. On top of that, the visitors also can play and see the different types of equipment of the current technology, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligent (AI), and many more.

FINference Outlook Room

collaborative activity

Environmental problems have existed for a long time, but most people do not realize what is going on. Aware of this, FINference is eager to make a change through collaborative activities.

Additional Rooms